When you are getting married or going to cohabit


If you are getting married, going to cohabit or enter into a registered partnership.

If you have a partner, he or she could be eligible for the partner pension. This is pension that your partner receives should you pass away. If you marry or enter into a registered partnership in the Netherlands, you do not have to take action to insure the partner pension. We will receive this information automatically via the municipality and will send you - within four weeks - a confirmation that your partner is insured. If you are getting married abroad, we will not be notified of this automatically. In that case, please send us a copy of the marriage certificate.

If you are cohabiting, your partner is not automatically entitled to a partner pension on your death. For your partner to be eligible, you must meet certain conditions. Registering your partner with a notarial cohabitation contract is one of those conditions. You can find more information on how to register your partner in the Samenwonen leaflet (only available in Dutch). 

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