Not always a supplement to WIA-benefit


If you are disabled and your salary is below € 69,613, you are not entitled to a supplementary pension in addition to your WIA-benefit from the government.

In the event of long-term illness, the government provides for an invalidity benefit. This takes place via the WIA [wet Werk en Inkomen naar Arbeidsvermogen (Work and Income (Capacity for Work) Act)]. The WIA-benefit is 70% or 75% of the salary and the salary is maximized at € 71,629. You are therefore covered up to that salary. Over the part of the salary above this limit, you will not receive anything from the government.

That is why Unilever and trade unions have made agreements relating to a supplementary pension of 70% over the part of your salary above our limit of € 69,613. This disability pension (AOP) prevents a significant drop in income due to incapacity for work.

The limit we use deviates slightly from the 'WIA limit' mentioned. This is because our limit increases with the CLA wages at Unilever and not with the level of the WIA itself. This currently works out more favorably: the person concerned will then receive twice a replacement income on the part of the salary between € 69,613 and € 71,629.

An example:

Suppose a participant has a salary of € 80,000 and becomes completely incapacitated for work with no change of recovery. He then receives:

A WIA benefit of:           75% of 71,629 = 
An AOP from us of:       70% of (80,000 -/- 69,613) =
Total gross per year

The situation in the event of incapacity for work is complicated. We address this in more detail in our Arbeidsongeschikt brochure (only available in Dutch). When you become disabled, please contact us. We would be happy to give you information on the consequences that long-term illness or invalidity could have for you. You can contact us by calling the Pension Information Line at +31 (0)10 439 4473 or by sending an email to

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