Supplementary Anw-insurance


You may like to take out a Supplementary Anw insurance for your partner. This prevents a Surviving Dependants Act shortfall if you pass away unexpectedly.

How can such a shortfall arise? In the event of your death, your partner may, in many cases, not be entitled to a statutory survivor’s benefit from the government: the Anw-scheme. This is governed by very strict rules. To be eligible for an Anw-benefit, your partner must have the care for one or more minor children or must be (partially) disabled. Even if your partner is entitled to such a benefit, the amount of the Anw-benefit is means-tested. Not everyone is therefore eligible for a (full) Anw-benefit, which can result in a substantial shortfall between your family’s current income and their income after your death.

By taking out Supplementary Anw-insurance at Forward, you can make sure that your partner is not confronted with such an Anw-shortfall. If your partner has sufficient income of their own, this may not be necessary. However, if your partner is (largely) financially dependent on you, taking out supplementary Anw-insurance could be worth considering.

Please read our Supplementary Anw Insurance leaflet for the options available.

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