Accrual percentage


Each year you accrue a part of the pension you will eventually receive. Over the 'threshold' amount of € 17,545 you do not accrue pension in 2024. This is because we take into account the state pension (AOW benefit) you will receive from the government as soon as you reach the 'AOW age'. We aim for a yearly pension accrual of 1.875% of your gross salary minus the threshold amount. This way it is possible to accrue a pension that equals 75% of your average salary.‚Äč

This threshold amount over which you do not accrue pension is referred to as the ‘franchise’. Your gross salary minus the franchise forms the ‘pensionable pay’.

The total pension that you accrue this way is the total sum of all the years of pension accrual plus any pension increases (indexation). You will receive this pension sum every month from your retirement date for as long as you live.

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