Forward : Your Unilever Pension Scheme!

Once you are employed by Unilever Netherlands, you automatically become participant of the Unilever Netherlands pension scheme. This means that – when you enter into service of Unilever – you immediately start to accrue pension via Forward. You don’t need to apply and it does not take any effort from your side; Unilever and Forward take care of this. Mind you: when you entered into service before 1 April 2015, you also accrued pension via the first pension scheme of Unilever: Progress.

Your pension scheme is carried out by Forward. Forward is an independent non-profit foundation that consists of about 25 people who are all on the Unilever Netherlands payroll. Together they make sure your pension is in good hands.

Forward is the pension administrator for all (former) employees who are/were working for Unilever Netherlands, either on or after 1 April 2015. Therefore, Forward is not your ordinary pension administrator: Forward only works for Unilever Netherlands.

Univest Company (part of Unilever) invests Forward’s capital. Univest does so for several Unilever pension funds all around the world.