Varying pension amounts


You can buy a so-called bridging pension until your AOW benefit starts. You may also start with a higher or lower pension. Both choices are made just before your actual retirement.

If you retire early, you will not yet receive AOW. In that case, your pension until your AOW commencement date will be quite a bit lower. To bridge the period between the early retirement date and your AOW age financially, you can swap a part of your old-age pension for a 'bridging pension'. As a result, the pension you receive from Forward will be higher up to your AOW age and lower after your AOW age. You can choose between a bridging pension of 100%, 75% or 50% of the maximum AOW.

In addition, you may choose to first receive a higher old-age pension for a couple of years and then a lower old-age pension. 

Please note: these are one-off choices, which you only have to make at the time of your retirement! Once you have made your choice, it can no longer be undone. For more information, see our Met Pensioen brochure (only available in Dutch). The amounts of pension after using one of the various exchange options can be found on our pension planner (only available in Dutch).

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