How do you accrue pension?


In the Netherlands, you accrue pension in three ways:

A. AOW: this is the pension you receive from the government. You can read more on the AOW on

B. Pension at Forward. You accrue this pension via Unilever Netherlands. This is what this Pensioen 1-2-3 is about.

C. Pension you arrange yourself. For example, via an annuity or bank savings.

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Average pay

Each year you accrue a part of your pension. The total pension that you will receive as from your retirement date for as long as you live, is the sum of all the parts you accrue every year. An annual contribution is paid for this purpose. If this contribution (the 'defined' contribution) is insufficient in a year, you accrue less pension that year. At Forward, chances are small that this will occur. This type of pension scheme is called a Collective Defined Contribution (CDC) scheme.

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Each year you accrue a part of the pension you will eventually receive. Over the 'threshold' amount of € 17,545 you do not accrue pension in 2024. This is because we take into account the state pension (AOW benefit) you will receive from the government as soon as you reach the 'AOW age'. We aim for a yearly pension accrual of 1.875% of your gross salary minus the threshold amount. This way it is possible to accrue a pension that equals 75% of your average salary.

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You pay a contribution for your pension. In our pension scheme, this contribution is 3% of your salary above the threshold amount of € 17,545. Unilever Netherlands pays the remainder of the determined contribution, which is 33% above the threshold amount. The contribution that is paid by yourself, is deducted from your monthly salary by your employer. You can see this on your salary slip.

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