How certain is your pension?



The amount of your pension is not fixed. This is caused by the following uncertainties:

  • On average, people live longer than before. This means that Forward has to pay the pension for a longer period of time.
  • A low interest rate makes pension more expensive. This means that Forward needs more money to pay you the same pension.
  • Results on the stock markets could fall short of expectations.

Information about our financial situation (policy coverage ratio) can be found here (in Dutch only).

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The above uncertainties mean the following three risks:

Whether in the future you can buy as much with your pension as now, depends on the increase of both the pension and the prices. We aim to increase your pension each year, following the wage increase. Such an increase in your pension is called 'indexation'. This is only possible if the financial situation (policy coverage ratio) at Forward is sufficient.

Up to now Forward has granted the following indexations: 

On 1 January of the year Indexation Target 
2024 5.27% 6.5%
2023 3.50% 4.54%
2022 1.28% 2.00%

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Unilever wil not transfer an additional contribution in case of a shortage. A shortage means Forward will have to lower your accrued pension. We will only do this in the most extreme case.

There is a minor risk that in a particular year we will not be able to fully achieve the yearly pension accrual we aim for (1.875%).

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