Changing pension ratio


Would you like to exchange (part of) your old-age pension for yourself and the partner pension for your partner? You can do so just before your actual retirement.‚Äč

There could be reasons why on retirement you would like to exchange the partner pension for a higher old-age pension. Perhaps your partner has a good pension him-/herself, or you may not have a partner. 

The reverse may also be true. If you retire and there is too little partner pension for your partner should you pass away, you can exchange part of your old-age pension for a higher partner pension. You will then receive a lower old-age pension. 

Please note: this is a one-off choice, which you only have to make at the time of your retirement! Once you have decided to take this option, your choice can no longer be undone. For more information, see our Met Pensioen brochure (only available in Dutch). The amounts of the pension after using one of the various exchange options can be found in our pension planner (only available in Dutch).

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