Indexation employees

The pension you accrue with us decreases in value over time. That is because of the increase in prices for goods and services. That is why Forward tries to increase your pension each year (as of 1 January). Such an increase in your pension is called indexation. Our goal is an indexation equal to the increase in negotiated (CLA) wages at Unilever. This is possible only if Forward has enough money for this; the coverage ratio (‘dekkingsgraad’) must be high enough. If there is not enough money, we cannot increase your pension.

Your accrued pension can even be reduced. The Board may decide to do so when our coverage ratio is too low according to the Dutch Pension Act, and a short-term increase is not likely to take place.

Forward was established on 1 April 2015. Forward has increased your pension as followed:

1 January of the year Indexation Increase CLA-wages
2018 0.00%* 0.00%
2017 3.43% 3.43%
2016 2.15% 2.15%
* Unilever's CLA expired on 1 May 2017 and there was no new agreement on 1 January 2018. Since there was no pay raise in 2017, no indexation of the pension could be granted per 1 January 2018.