When you are getting married or going to cohabit

If you are getting married, going to cohabit or enter into a registered partnership.

If you have a partner, he or she may be eligible for the elipsLife partner pension. This is the pension that your partner receives if you should pass away.

If you marry or enter into a registered partnership in the Netherlands, there is nothing you need do for the insurance of the partner pension. We automatically receive notice from the municipality and then – within four weeks – send you a confirmation that your partner is insured. 

If you are cohabiting unmarried, your partner is not automatically entitled to partner pension in the event of your passing. You must meet certain conditions for your partner to be eligible. One of these conditions is to register your partner with Unilever APF with a notarial cohabitation contract. For information on how to register your partner, see Forward’s Samenwonen leaflet (only available in Dutch). If you register your partner with Forward, this is also processed automatically for the net pension plans.

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