You will pay the premiums for the net pension plans with the UPP and elipsLife on a monthly basis via your net salary. You will find these premiums listed on your payslip.

Unilever does not pay any contributions into the net pension plans.

elipsLife contribution

The level of contribution to elipsLife depends on your age and the level of the part of your salary above the salary limit. The level of contribution and the coverage change on 1 January each year according to your age, your salary and the contribution rates.

Examples of the insured dependents pension (DP) and monthly premiums at ages 40 and 50 (based on amounts 2021):








Insured DP per annum

Premium per month














Insured DP per annum

Premium per month













UPP contribution
See under ‘What options do you have with the UPP?’ for further information about the level of the pension saving plan contribution.

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