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You accrue pension in three ways:
Via the government. You will receive AOW [Algemene Ouderdomswet - General Old Age Pensions Act] from the government if you live or work in the Netherlands. You can read more about the AOW on SVB.nl.

B. Via your employer, Unilever:

  • Over your salary up to € 112,189, you accrue gross pension with Forward.
  • Over the part of your salary above € 112,189, you can accrue net pension with the UPP. This is what this Pension 1-2-3 is for.

​C. That which you arrange yourself. With an annuity plan or bank savings for example.


A. The Algemene Ouderdomswet (AOW) [General Old Age Pensions Act]

The state pension is the government’s statutory pension. You are insured for the state pension if you live in the Netherlands or have lived there at some point. You accrue 2% state pension for each year that you are insured. You receive a full state pension if you have been insured throughout the 50 years before your state pension (AOW) age. For anyone born on or after 1 March 1957 the current state pension (AOW) age is 67 years.

The level of state pension is adjusted annually. For the current amounts, your personal state pension (AOW) age and other information about the state pension, visit the Social Insurance Bank website: SVB.nl.

Please note: if you have not always lived in the Netherlands, your state pension may be lower.


B: Pension through Unilever Netherlands

- On the part of your salary up to €112,189 you accrue gross pension with Forward.
You will find the level of your Forward pension on your annual pension summary and in our pension planner.

- On the part of your salary above €112,189 you can accrue net pension with the UPP. This is what this Pensioen 1-2-3 is for.
As long as you make contributions to the UPP and/or are insured through elipsLife, you will also receive a yearly pension summary for the net pension plan(s).  


C: Pension that you arrange yourself

You can make your own arrangements to top up your state pension and the pension you accrue through your work. For example through bank savings, or by taking out insurance, such as an annuity. 

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