What do these net pension plans offer?


You can choose to accrue capital with the UPP over the part of your salary that is over € 128,810. With this capital you will buy a net pension on your retirement date from an insurance company of your choice. 

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If you were to pass during your employment, your partner will receive a partner pension and your children an orphans pension from elipsLife. These net pensions are based on the element of your salary over € 128,810. If you do not want this elipsLife insurance please contact Unilever Pension Fund. 

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What happens in the event of incapacity for work? In that case, the insurance of the survivors pension (partner and orphans pension) continues to run. You will then no longer pay premiums yourself on the occupational disability element.

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If you would like to know exactly what the net pension plans offer you, please read the brochure or the pension rules in layer 3 or contact Unilever Pension Fund.

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