Investment mix


We invest your premium in a standard mix of investment funds. Do you want to deviate from this? At the UPP it is also possible to compose your investment mix yourself. 

By default we invest your contributions in a carefully selected mix of investment funds. We do this according to the LifeCycle principle: as your retirement date approaches we automatically phase out the investment risk for you. If you prefer us to make the investments for you, you need do nothing. In this case you choose the “Do it for me” option.

If you wish you can also vary this standard approach and select your own mix of investments. This is the “Help me do it” option. There are eight different investment funds, each of which has its own risk profile.

Is this of interest to you? If so, you must first answer a few questions at UPP Pension Online, the UPP website, in connection with the statutory duty of care. Your risk appetite and investment profile are determined in general terms on the basis of your responses. You are then free to choose your own mix of investment funds from the eight funds available.

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