Partner pension and orphans pension

If you were to pass during your employment, your partner will receive a partner pension and your children an orphans pension from elipsLife. These net pensions are based on the element of your salary over € 137,800. If you do not want this elipsLife insurance please contact Unilever Pension Fund.

This insurance is closed up for you by default as soon as you become eligible for membership, in other words, as soon as your salary passes the threshold of €128,810 and you have a partner.
If you have no partner but do have a child, please contact Unilever Pension Fund.

Your partner will receive the pension from the first day of the month following your passing, for the rest of his or her life.

If you leave employment, the elipsLife insurance lapses automatically.

The term ‘partner’ means the person to whom you are married, the person with whom you have a registered partnership or the person with whom you are cohabiting unmarried. If you are cohabiting unmarried, your partner must first be registered with Unilever Pension Fund with a notarial cohabitation contract.

The level of survivors pension

Unilever Pension Fund will tell you about this if Unilever has advised that you are eligible for the plan.  

The level of survivors pension is recalculated each year in January. It is shown on the net pension summary you receive each year.

The level of orphans pension is 20% of the partner pension. Each child receives this pension until he or she reaches the age of 21.

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