Purchase a pension benefit

On your chosen retirement age you will buy a monthly pension benefit with your pension capital. You will choose which insurance company you will buy this benefit from, decide whether you also want a partner pension and whether you want a fixed or variable pension.

You cannot purchase your pension benefit from the UPP; you can only accrue pension capital with it. It is then for you to decide from which Dutch insurance company you would like to purchase your net pension with your pension capital.

When you purchase your pension you are in any event purchasing a lifelong retirement pension for yourself. Then you have to decide whether you also want to purchase a partner pension for your partner in case you are the first to pass away.

When you purchase your pension you have to make another choice. You can use your entire capital to purchase a fixed (stable) monthly pension. Or you can use a part of your capital to purchase a pension for a given period of time. You then continue investing the remaining capital until such time as you need to purchase another pension. This kind of pension is known as a variable pension. A variable pension is expected to deliver a higher pension over the years than a fixed pension, but there is always the possibility of a lower pension.

We recommend that you seek an offer from different insurance companies.

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