Net old age pension

You can choose to accrue capital with the UPP over the part of your salary that is over € 128,810. With this capital you will buy a net pension on your retirement date from an insurance company of your choice.

Your official retirement age is 67 years and 3 months or your earlier AOW age. You are however free to arrange for your pension to start before then. You will receive the net old-age pension that you purchase for the rest of your life.
The amount of pension you receive depends mostly on the level of contributions you have made and the investment results. The rate offered by the insurance company from which you purchase your pension also has an effect.

About the UPP
The Unilever Pension Plan (UPP) is based in Luxembourg. It is a pension fund that administers Unilever pension plans for different European countries. Unilever Netherlands has set up this net pension saving plan through the UPP.

The investment scope of Unilever’s pension funds allows the UPP to invest at low cost.
You can only accrue a pension capital with the UPP; it does not pay out any pension. It is up to you to choose the Dutch insurance company from which to purchase a monthly pension benefit with the capital accrued.

The level of retirement pension

If you would like to know how much capital you have accrued, log onto the UPP Pension Online website (via Allianz) for an up-to-date summary of your invested contributions and investment value.
You will also find your investment value as at 1 January shown on the pension summary you receive each year. Your pension summary will also tell you what pension you can expect to be able to purchase with this investment value. 

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