When you are getting a divorce

If you are about to divorce or terminate your cohabitation agreement or registered partnership, please contact Unilever Pension Fund as soon as possible.

UPP retirement pension

Following a divorce or termination of a registered partnership your ex-partner is entitled to half of the net capital you accrued during the marriage or the period of the registered partnership. You can make other arrangements with your ex-partner and we recommend that you set these arrangements down in the divorce or termination agreement. To ensure that your ex-partner gains entitlement to the portion of the UPP capital, you and/or your ex-partner have two years in which to notify Unilever Pension Fund of the divorce and any other arrangements. If you fail to do so or do not do so until after two years, you will have to arrange the division of the capital between yourselves.

Please note: the entitlement to some of the retirement pension does not apply to unmarried cohabitees.

UPP partner pension

Your ex-partner is also entitled to the capital attributable to partner pension accrued up to the divorce or termination. We deduct this capital automatically, unless your ex-partner waives this right, in which case you must inform Unilever Pension Fund.

elipsLife partner pension

We terminate the partner pension insurance as of the date of entry of the divorce or termination in the Personal Records Database (BRP). This means that elipsLife will not pay your ex-partner any net partner pension after your passing. 

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