Value transfer



Did you accrue any pension before you started working at Unilever Netherlands? In that case you can transfer your accrued pension to us.‚Äč

The transfer of your pension to a different pension provider is referred to as value transfer. If you choose to do so, on retirement you will receive a pension from one provider. 

If you are considering transferring previously accrued pension to Forward, please complete the Value transfer form (available via our Pension Info Line (+31 10 439 4473). This does not commit you to anything. We will first request information from your previous pension provider. We will then calculate the extra pension you could receive due to the value transfer. The value of this pension is the same before and after the transfer. After the value transfer, the rules in use at Forward - relating to the increase of your pension (indexation) for example - will then also apply to this pension. You will first receive a statement from us and only then will you decide whether or not to transfer. Whether a value transfer is a good choice primarily depends on how both pension providers increase your pension. The starting principles here are:

  • What is the indexation policy of both providers?
  • To what extent has this policy actually been implemented?
  • How good is the financial position of both providers currently?

More information on value transfer can be found in our Joining Unilever Forward leaflet (available in English).

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